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    write function inside edge ?


      How do I write a function to "display Off" of some of my symbols, so that I can call this function when a button is pressed.


      Currently I am using this.


      Since I have many symbols to be turn off at once,  manually turning off individual symbol is not an option for me.

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          Phyle Level 1

          Any help?

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            Tim. Signore Level 1

            If I under stand your question, you can write a function just like you would in JavaScript/ jquery:


            function hideThings(){




            As you mentioned having to turn off many things at once, the above example assumes you have given them all a class of "thingstohide". To use this function, you just need to call it as the event handler in your button' s click event,


            $("button").on("click", hideThings);


            hope this helps

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              joel_pau Level 5



              If the elements [you want to hide] do not have the same class, here is one idea (2 implementations):


              1) Using Edge API:

              function hideAll(){ $.each( arguments,function(index,item){ sym.$(item).hide(); } ) };



              How to use?

              - Same panel code: hideAll("RoundRect","Text","Rectangle","Ellipse");

              - Another panel code but same symbol: sym.getVariable("hideElements")("RoundRect","Text","Rectangle","Ellipse");

              - Another symbol or timeline (triggers): sym.getComposition().getStage().getVariable("hideElements")("RoundRect","Text","Rectangle","E llipse");


              2) Extra API:

              I give up sym.setVariable() and sym.getVariable().

              sym.iHide = function (){ $.each( arguments, function(index,item){ sym.$(item).hide(); } ) };


              How to use?

              - Within same symbol: sym.iHide("RoundRect","Text","Rectangle");

              - Another symbol or timeline: sym.getComposition().getStage().iHide("RoundRect","Text","Rectangle");


              Note: you can replace .hide() by another jQuery function: .show(), .css(), etc.

              You can now hide [or show or change] a list of elements.


              I will add another idea tomorrow (Monday).

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                Phyle Level 1

                Thank you Tim!

                Can we write the function and button press on the stage time line?

                I tried this, but not alert, and no errors as well!


                function testAlert(){

                alert("key pressed");




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                  Phyle Level 1

                  Hi Joel,


                  Thank you very much for your comprehensive reply! I am new to this, I will try to understand your method, your answers will be helpful for other advanced users for sure. Thank you very much!