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    CC versus CC2014


      Being new to Creative Cloud (only 2 weeks), whenever I see an update available I thought it would be a good idea to install it. This has resulted in me having two versions of InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop CC and CC2014, running on my iMAC. I would have assumed that if CC2014 is the latest version? that it would have just superceeded CC, but now I am getting updates for both. The confusing bit is that some of my current jobs open in CC and some open in CC2014 - go figure. My three colleagues haven't been so diligent with their updates and thus are only running the initial CC versions which we downloaded two weeks ago. They're however now getting messages that work done on my computer was done in a newer version when they try to open my jobs on their computer, so obviously they need to update too. My whinge is that should they just update to CC2014 and all of us delete CC to avoid the confusion? I can't be the only person who is confused by this?