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    MacBook Air, Installer sticks on "Retrieving Install"


      I am on a MacBook Air 13-inch, mid-2012 running Mac OS 10.9.4, and I am completely unable to install Flash Player after trying an Uninstall, system software reinstall, etc.


      I saw that there was a fix for an earlier version of Mac OS, 10.8 or so, on a MacBook Air, and I tried executing the recommended Terminal commands and installing the Apple-provided supplementary system update, but this system update will not install on a system version later than 10.8. Is there a newer version of this update for people like me?


      I have tried everything on all your help pages multiple times, including going to the page which is supposed to contain a direct download of Flash Player itself, but all it has is a stand-alone SWF player app, SWF debugger, etc., for programmers, as far as I can see.


      Please advise, Adobe.


      The screen I get is as follows:


      Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 2.27.10 PM.png