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    GREP phone number

    DBLjan Level 3



      Im not any good at GREP, and stumbled over a GREP who does format our phone-numbers like they should.

      But I cant figure out how to change that GREP, since I dont understand nothing.




      Currently my GREP is housed in an paragraph-style. It applies a character-stye with only spacing, making a phone-number look well (in Germany) from

      Phone 01234/12345


      Phone 0 12 34 / 1 23 45


      So far, so good!

      But currently I have to use two paragraph-styles for a complete adress like

      MyStreet 123

      Phone 1234/123456

      not to format my street.


      I want to use only one paragraph-style with GREP in it for that, so the GREP has to be modified to
      only apply, if "Phone " stands infront of a number.
      Is that possible? Can you experts help me out?