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    WebService in Opera browser


      I am trying to call a WebService and get some data back. This works perfectly fine when I run the application in IE (many versions) and Firefox. However, when I attempt to run the exact same code in the Opera browser, it fails. Here is some more info on the failure:

      faultactor: http://www.****************.com // yeah, I edited this :)
      faultNamespaceURI: undefined
      element: undefined
      detail: undefined
      faultstring: Unable to connect to endpoint: http://***********************.asmx
      faultcode: Server.Connection

      Again, this exact same SWF runs perfectly fine under IE and Firefox. I am running the latest version of the flash player in Opera (9), but the SWF was published as version 8.

      Another interesting thing is that, if this fails in Firefox or IE (for example, if I change the path to the web service to something I know is incorrect), it will take a few seconds for the error to appear. However, in Opera, the error seems to occur immediately after I attempt to execute the web service method.

      Below is a sample of how the web service is called.

      var LevelWebService:WebService = new WebService(_root.g_sWebServiceWSDL);
      LevelWebService.onLoad = function(wsdlDocument) {
      var LevelServiceCall:PendingCall = LevelWebService.MyMethod(x, y,z);
      LevelServiceCall.onResult = function(result) {
      // it gets here in IE and Firefox, but not Opera
      LevelServiceCall.onFault = function(result) {
      // it gets here in Opera each time, immediately after the call

      Has anyone ran into issues while calling a web servce in flash under Opera? Or, alternately, does anyone have a SWF that calls a web service that works in Opera? I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong, or if flash in Opera just doesn't support web service calls.