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    Making a .exe projector from Mac OS

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      I use director to make presentations. I am on a mac, and have MX2004 which can make a .exe projector. But I can not see to get the paths right so that the .exe projector can find the videos. I was once told that the projector does not look from the "top" of the path, but only follows "down" from where the projector was created. Does this make sense? Is this true? Can you point me to a resource?
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          I found it best to have videos as the same level as the movies that call them or in
          sub folders, but not at a higher level. Higher level does work though but I'd
          recommend avoiding if you can. Video paths should be be fine as long as you
          maintain the same structure and path relationship from when you import the video to
          when you distribute on a CD. To ensure movies will always find video, you can put
          all the videos in the same folder as the movies that call them. If you want to keep
          your files tidy and more organized, you can create a stub projector than links to
          your starting movie in a sub directory. And in that sub folder, you can have all
          your Director movies and videos.


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