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    datagrid to http service

    rajeeva_nagaraj Level 1
      Hi everybody

      is it possible to send a datagrid values to .net application thru http service

      if it is possible plz tell me how can i do that

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          Did you try to convert the data property of the DataGrid to a string by using toString() ? If you do so, you can send the data (as string). Let's say your dataprovider is named myDataProvider:

          var tempString:String = myDataProvider.data.toString();
          var http:HTTPService = new HTTPService();
          var params:Object = new Object;
          params.xml_code = temp;

          If your dataprovider was provided an XML structure, this should return it's values as formatted XML to the HTTP service. (the example is of course not valid like this, but it's just to give you an idea)