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    No thumbnails in organizer 12 for any video file larger than 3,1 mb

    geen nieuws

      I am running premiere Elements 12

      Quicktime 7.7.5

      Windows 7 service pack 1


      Organizer will not show (or update) thumbnails from video files (.mts and .m4p) when file sizes are over 3.1 mb.


      Organizer will play all the files. Element shows thumbnails and plays  all the files.

      Importing the files in the organizer or directly in Elements does not make a difference on the 'not showing' of the thumbnails.

      MTS files are container for 1080i Pal (Sony AVCHD)

      m4p files are are container for NTSC

      Thumbnails for both files are not shown

      Thumnails of files with very small file size for both formats are shown when the file size is less than 3,1 mb.


      I found out about the file sizes when I check the metadata of the clips.


      Anybody any Idea om what I should adjust to see all the thumbnails?



      Thanks GN