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    Missing ComboBox Event?

      Here's a mystery for you all to help me solve. A series of three combo boxes are bound to HTTPService data providers. When combo box #1 is clicked, it modifies the URL for combobox #2, which is updated, and so on.

      Now here's the problem. When the service.send() method is called for the dataProvider for a combobox, the data changes (and, thus, the selectedItem changes), but no "change" event is ever fired. The asynchronous nature of these updates also precludes simply calling send(), checking the value of the selectedItem, etc...

      Any insights welcomed. I looked at the source code for the ComboBox in Flex, and it didn't provide any obvious answer.

      I'd love to have a synchronous (with timeout) option for HTTPService, though! I have come across literally dozens of use cases where this would be nice to have...