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    Opening new HTML window without toolbars and set size.

      Hi, I am researching the possibilities for opening a new HTML window without toolbars and at a certain size. I have found a bunch of tutorials and even this guide here at adobe: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/knowledgebase/index.cfm?id=tn_14192


      I work in Flash 8 and I use Dreamweaver 8.2 (with all the latest updates). As you know Dreamweaver uses Java Script to implement Flash into a HTML page. By generating a folder called Scripts and the file AC_RunActiveContent.js

      So I tri the methods described in the above technote. I even found a guide at kirupa...and at flashkit. I even downloaded an example file from Flashkit. But any implementation of any of the methods above in a Flash 8 file implemented with DW does NOT work.

      I am not a hardcore programmer. I am more the kind of guy who finds code that works and moulds it to my purpose. Copy and paste programming if you may. So its not so easy for me to see why it wont work and where the problem is. But I do have a suspicion towards the javascript flash implementation that Dreamweaver does.

      So if anyone have guide or tips to how I can use Flash 8 and DW 8.2 and get flash to open a new HTML window with a certain size and without scroll or toolbars..that would be GREAT!!

      Thanks in advance!