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    Authorization problem



      Authorization problem

      kajunkooker May 16, 2014 7:45 AM

      I am having trouble getting my new laptop authorized. I used ADE on my old one and worked fine. When I tried to authorize the new one it said I already had a pc on my ADE ID. I was under the impression you could have more than one device on an ADE ID??? I authorized my smart phone to use audio books and it works fine. Now my old laptop and my new one does not work with ADE. It tells me I already have a device associated with my ADE ID. What do I need to do to get all these working? I only have one email address (ADE ID).





      Also I have been facing this same problem ... (but, due to some problem not getting replied to it, I copied the post in here.)


      So, I have been installing ADE 3.0 on a second machine with non ID authorization, but now would like to get the machine authorized with my Adobe ID, already authorized once on my other machine.


      But, now I get an error message -> "You can only authorize this computer with an Adobe ID that hasn't been previously used to authorize any other computer or mobile devices. Please, try again." OK, then retried it, but getting the same error ...


      What's this?  I think, there is no sense on this, as the authorization should cover validity on several machines/devices!


      Trying to solve this, I already once de-installed/rebooted/re-installed ADE 3.0 on this machine, but still it has the status of non ID, which I would like to change into Adobe ID authorized.


      I think, it may require somehow cancelling of the non ID authorization, or something other on that direction ...


      Please, give me some hint to solve this problem.