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    Installing Flex “Components”

      I noticed that many people much more experienced in Flex/AS3 coding have been building their own Flex components and offering them up on the web for download. The Fisheye Component on Quietly Scheming is a prime example.

      This is a great looking component and I would really like to get this running on my own system but I’ve never been able to import these kinds of components into Flex Builder and make them work (they always have errors). Can anyone explain to me (a compete noob) how this “importing” process works. Even just a link to some kind of tutorial at this point would be great. This is really frustrating me! I know this has got to be simple but I just can't figure it out.

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          Usually you get a number of mxml- or as-files. For those cases I have a dummy project, where I include them. I right-click on the source and choose "run as flex application". This way I get to compile and run them. Usually that works just fine.

          In this particular case the author published a whole project. With "File -> Import -> existing projects ..." you can include this project. Unfortunately the author wrote some absolute paths in the .projects etc. I deleted those but flex didn't notice my changes - even after "clear"ing the project.
          Therefore I started a new project and installed the downloaded files manually. Now I was able to compile it - but all I get is a dark screen. :-(
          Next step is to debug that piece. You might want to take over!