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    How do I add web app tags to web app fields and have them render correctly?


      - I have a webapp field entitled "Status".


      - I have a webapp fields entitles "Status-Listed".


      - I want to have a tag in the description field that is {tag_Status-{tag_Status}} to where if the Status field is set to Listed the result will be {tag_Status-Listed} and will return the value in the Status-Listed field.


      - It works, and returns the value:


      <h2>Listed</h2>{tag_county} County<br />{tag_firstname} {tag_lastname} | {tag_address1}, {tag_address2} {tag_city}, {tag_state} | {tag_zipcode} | {tag_phone}<br />{tag_status} | <em>


      - However, this will display as the text entered when the tag is rendered from Design view. If I place the code in the HTML view it will render each tag correctly. What I am seeking to do is apply four different types of stylings to the listing, as in Listed, Not Listed, Rejected, No Answer, etc. That way in my directory I can have the status determine the type of look each listing has based upon the Status field.


      Any thoughts from the community?