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    How can I download a purchased Kobo book to my authorized ADE instance?


      I want to transfer it to a compatible, non-Kobo device (Icarus Excel. NOT iOS or Kindle. I know better than that.)


      Kobo says this is possible, but the documentation is terrible, and out of date (refers to ADE 1.7.x), so I'm asking here in case a human on this forum happens to know; and in case Kobo's relationship with Adobe has changed in some way.


      In my Kobo library there are buttons for my purchased books that say 'Adobe Digital Editions' (or EPUB or some such), and the cursor becomes a hand, but clicking does nothing. At all. The click-buttons for the few public domain titles I have there say 'Download [in relevant format]'.


      My Kobo reader is registered to my ADE account, so moving my DRM protected U of Chicago Press EPUB books *from* ADE *to* the Kobo reader works just fine. But when my Kobo reader is connected to ADE, my purchased titles are completely invisible to ADE.




      Thanks for any insight, guys.