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    Are the Adobe folks ok?

    Cundrie Level 1

      Adobe Digital Editions could really be better. For example, I would love the ability to keyword search my library. A 'check for updates'-link would be nice too. We're up to v. 3.x, and it honestly never crossed my mind to leave the client to Google search it until this morning when I was actually supposed to be doing something else. I can't be the only one.


      Also: about this discussion board. Why can we not edit our 'screen name' in our profile? And why is my designated 'screen name' not being used? All I see after posting, is my real name. That's a little weird and kind of opposite of privacy-protecty. Unless my real name is visible only to me, which is really only confusing about the 'screen name' thing, since I already know who I am.


      Just wondering if anyone of y'all in The Crowd knows. It'd be sort of cool if this stuff could be fixed. But maybe conflicting priorities make it harder to accomplish than it seems like it should be.


      Maybe we're now entering a time when we need to take a serious look at sustainability of our electronic systems. I sometimes feel like I'm trying to communicate with poor V_GER of the first Star Trek movie.


      Thank you for the nice emoji.