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    Ebook cover won't show up in Adobe Digital Editions

    haley_e_2013 Level 1

      Hi all, it's me again.


      I know ADE is pretty awful software all around, but it's what my client is using and what I've got to create for. I can't get the cover of one of my ebooks to show up in ADE--I've renamed the file and exported the ebook again, I've run it through epub checkers with no errors related to images or anything like that, I've done everything I can think of and STILL the cover won't appear! It's the oddest thing. The ebook opens fine, everything else works, but the cover image does not appear on the ADE bookshelf or when reading the ebook--all you get is a blank page.


      The ebook cover and first page show up fine in every other software I've tried--Calibre, iBooks, etc. Any advice on what I'm doing wrong?


      Thanks, everybody. You all are invaluable to me, I just wish I could be more helpful in return!