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    Flash Application Deployment

      I have just completed my first flash application, and am trying to deploy it to IIS.
      When I access the virtual directory from the local machine, it runs fine. However if I try to access it from any remote machine, nothing appears and the request times out.

      Are there any security restrictions imposed in the default wrapper generated by the Flex Builder?
      I tried googling for a simple walk through article on how to deploy an application but no luck. Any pointers would be appreciated.

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          Ben Smeets Level 1

          No default security restrictions by the html wrapper (couldn't be) but there are a lot of security issues inside the flash player by default. When browsing to the location, do you get any result? If you see e.g. the grey default flex background, the problem probably lies in the security settings of the player (and we can take it from there). If you get nothing, it probably is a IIS setting which goes beyond the scope of this forum.

          Grt, Ben