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    Making vertical text in Indesign

    RACHELC Level 1



      I am trying to get vertical text (ie letters underneath each other) in my new CC version of InDesign. All the help pages say to use the vertical type tool, but I can't find this - I only have the Type Tool and Type on a path tool showing. I can't find the option in Object file menu to change to a frame grid either....


      Help would be greatly appreciated!! I only use InDesign about once a year for a project so do find I'm having to re-learn it - but usually can get by with help..not this time






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          rajsre Adobe Employee

          Vertical text frame tool is not available in English version. It is present in the Japanese version.


          If you want to do vertical text for short text elements like titles or similar designing, you can make use of text on path:

          1. Draw a vertical line (if there is a stroke and you don't want to see it, you can later turn off this stroke from stroke panel)

          2. Insert Text on Path tool on the line, type your text

          3 Go to Type > Text on path options..., select Effect > Stair step, OK

          Now do other spacing adjustments like "kerning" for proper spacing or other alignment properties.

          (You can even convert this to a graphic element if no more text edit is required: select Type > Create Outlines)

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            When you are a Cloud Subscriber you can additionally install the Japanese version of InDesign, it will add some tools to your version of InDesign, even if it si not the Japanese version.

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              RACHELC Level 1

              Thanks for both suggestions - have had a go with using the path - I kind of got it to work but need to do some tweaks I think - but I will try the Japanese option also!

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                G P Shannon Level 1

                Just had to do this today, in English version of CC2014. Thanks a lot for the Type on a Path tip!

                But there's more to it than that, as I learned from my Japanese colleagues. Simply stair-stepping type on a path is not enough, because some characters are special. These apply to Hiragana as well as Katakana.

                1. The Katakana "—" character must rotate to " | ", which must be done manually by selecting the appropriate glyph in the Glyphs panel.

                2. As well, Katakana like "ュ" and " ィ " that get small to show pronunciation in certain combinations, are supposed to be aligned to the right, which doesn't happen either and those glyphs have to be swapped out too.


                Also remember that when set vertically, the columns read top-to-bottom and right-to-left, something that is not available in the English version and there's no workaround other than using the J-version.