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    How to Get a Photoshop CS2 Legally?

    r_vinoya Level 1

      Call it a bit old school (very old)... but In our workplace, we really needed the Photoshop CS2 especially the photomerge function.


      Since CS3 to newer model, the Photoshop Merge does not work well with our need.

      It tries to merge automatically... which takes some time to some point of hanging.

      Result is not always perfect.


      Just a background.. we take picture of an IC semiconductor under an optical microscope at x20, x50 and x100 objective and merge (stitch) them together. We use more manual stitching because some areas could have no distinct point of overlap and manual placement is necessary.


      Anyway, I post here because I want to have a Photoshop CS2 without violating any laws.

      Or if I could just have the CS2 photomerge function, we are willing to pay a reasonable amount.


      What I want with CS2:
      => can save photomerge (.pmg)

      => does not produce goofy pictures
      => easy to use

      Note... we do not require blending (almost seamless stitch)...

      we just want precise position stitch as to no information on image will be distorted and missing.



      Is it true that I can install on two PCs legally using only one valid license as in my chat with Adobe recently: