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    Terrible Video Playback in Photoshop CS6


      I'm working on a computer that is more than fast enough to play 1080P video from DSLR. Specs are Intel Quad Core Q9550 @ 2.83Ghz, 6 Gigs of DDR2 800 RAM, Quadro 2000 GPU, and RAID 0 7200rpm scratch drives. Photoshop has 4 gigs of RAM dedicated to it and GPU acceleration is turned on. When I open up a video recorded from my Canon 60D that consists of 1080P video at 30fps, I can not get playback to be better than 17fps. It is terrible and I have no idea why this is happening. Last night I installed all available updates for CS6, updated to windows 8.1 and did a clean install on my GPU driver from nVidia for windows 8.1 64bit. STILL terrible playback. As soon as I add an adjustment layer to the video, it drops to 4fps. What is happening. I don't think these videos should be playing back this slowly. If I watch them in another stand alone player, the frame rate is perfect.

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          I don't think these videos should be playing back this slowly.


          But then again, PS is not a video editing app like Premiere, is it not? Not to dismiss your point, but expecting things to be realtime in PS is a bit optimistic, even more so once you add effects and adjustments. It simply isn't meant for this. Actualyl processing video is different from just playing it back and whatever evil combination of circumstances prevents RT playback on your system is probably not something that can be fixed or at least not easily. As a start you might wanna run some system monitoring tool to detect potential bottlenecks and e.g. try different screen resolutions, turn off color management and so on - anything that may contribute to consuming processing resources, even if not in an obvious, conscious way. Also check the storage location of the video. While it may have enough I/O speed for buffered playback, it may not be sufficient for directly playing the footage in PS...