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    Flash stage size and canvas size


      Flash Stage Size




      Apologies if this question has been addressed already. I am making a website that will showcase kinetic typography. I am using Flash CC to animate the text (I break the text apart and animate the graphic) and then publish to the html5 canvas. My question is fairly basic but I'm hoping to get some advice before I start so I can avoid problems further down the line. What size should I make the stage in flash so the animation will resize depending on the device the viewer is using?  I was going to make the site 1280px x 1024px with the canvas size at 1280px x 720px, so that the canvas fit under a header and above a footer, see image below. Will this work if it's resized and viewed portrait on a tablet, for example? I also saw some information about keeping the aspect ratio of the canvas to 4:3 on this website http://blog.toggl.com/2013/05/6-performance-tips-for-html-canvas-and-createjs/ (tip 4). Currently my canvas is 16:9, 1280px x 720px.


      I have tried testing it out so that I set my width and height to 100% in the style sheet. This works quite well however, when resized. the typography shrinks too far down. Is there a way to ensure that I can resize this so that it can still be readable?



      Thank you in advance.
      Kind regards.