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    how to control timeline position with pointer coordinates?

      Hello all,

      this is what I want to achieve:

      There are some animated buttons that move around the stage.
      This movement is keyframed (not actionscripted, it would be smoother maybe, but I do not have the knowledge for this).

      I want the frame-number where the playing swf-file is at to be controlled by the position of the mouse-pointer.
      So if the pointer is in the middle, I want the movie to stay on the current frame.
      If the pointer is on the left side of the stage I'd like the movie to rewind (and if it reaches frame 1 it has to continue rewinding from the last frame backwards, so that it's a loop).
      If the pointer is on right-side, it has to start forwarding (also at the end frame continue forwarding from first frame onwards, so it seems a continuous loop)

      Is this possible? Or has it been done somewhere? Or are there tutorials for this?

      ANY help is welcome, thank you for your time to read this :)

      - J