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    AE 2014: Effect Remains on Single Frame

    jasonvp Level 3

      Hey folks -


      Summary: I've tried to remove an effect from a clip, but it seems to remain in one, single frame on that clip.


      I've literally just started using AE on my new Mac Pro yesterday.  "Neophyte" doesn't begin to describe me. :-)  I have a chunk of a Pr timeline, consisting of 3 separate video clips opened in AE.  The goal: add the "CC Scatter" effect to each of the 3 clips, to make them scatter into, and then out of existence.  Someone suggested that I extend the effect on the third clip, so I went through and deleted all of the keyframes in that clip after the CC Scatter was reduced to 0.0.  However, the effect remains on one frame.  I've included a screen grab from AE, and highlighted the effect control showing that AE even thinks it should be 0.0.  But the video is displaying partially scattered for some reason.  You'll note an extra keyframe at the end of the clip; I put that there as an experiment, with the value set to 0.0, hoping it would force AE to remove the effect from that one frame.  It didn't work.


      My guess is that something's cached and needs to be nuked.  If I save it and re-render it in Pr, that same scatter shows up in the exact frame.  Is there something I can nuke or clear or some such to make that go away?


      System:  Mac Pro, 8-core, 64GB RAM, D700 GPUs

      AE: CC 2014