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    BC form keeps disappearing


      I'm new and frustrated ;-)


      I'm keep doing a custom form on BC and it keeps disappearing from my Site Manger list... have no idea whats going on.... I've updated it as I go but it keeps disappearing.


      any link on how to get it to a page would help as well.


      I'd even be up for a freelanced to give me a quite on how much it would take to get a custom form done and loaded to my site -- metroadultsoccer.com


      Thanks for the help



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          Adam Cook (ONE) Level 1

          Hi Kevin,


          I'm having a hard time visualizing what you are saying, so it's hard to point you in a direction. Your choice on how to go forward. I can either help you as a freelancer, where I will screenshare with you and help you solve it, or if you want to take the time to explain a little more clearly, I (or someone else) can help you here.