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    My licence does not work on second computer - Help!

    ezettnor Level 1



      I have Lightroom 5 installed with a private licence on my stationary main computer. A while ago I also installed Lightroom 5 and used the licence on my laptop.


      Now I have received a new laptop from my work and I would like to install my second licensed copy there instead. But the licence won't work. I get the message to contact support.


      I know that most Adobe products have to be deactivated before being used on a new computer. I did that procedure with Photoshop recently. But I can't find the same option under "help" in my Lightroom copy as I did in Photoshop. I therefore tried to uninstall the copy on my laptop instead and install/activate it again on my new laptop. But I get the message that the licence does not work.


      I see two possible problems.

      1. I do have to deactivate the licence on the old laptop before activating on the new one some how. The question is - HOW?

      2. On my work laptop I have the CC suite on an Adobe ID connected to work with only Photoshop installed. That licence does not include Lightroom (that's the reason I want to install my private licence there). Could it be a conflict there, using two different ID:s on the same computer? I did however log out from the company ID and logged in to my private ID so I don't think there should be a problem. But Maybe someone here knows?

      Any advices?