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    Imported photos not displayed under the Pictures folder in the Lightroom Library module. Internal error message when trying to show the parent folder.


      Since upgrading to version 5.5, when I import photos from a folder in the Pictures folder on my Macintosh HD, Lightroom does not display the added folder under the Pictures folder in the Library module. Instead, it displays it under Macintosh HD, as if that were directly the parent of the new folder. When I select the folder and click on 'Show Parent Folder', I get an error message:

      Database "/Users/[username]/Pictures/Lightroom/Lightroom 5 Catalog.lrcat": columns rootFolder, pathFromRoot are not unique   Statement: UPDATE AgLibraryFolder SET rootFolder = ?,pathFromRoot = ? WHERE id_local = ?;

      And if I try to more the folder to put it under Pictures, Lightroom tells me that a folder of the same name already exists in that location.

      Previously, added folders were listed under the main Pictures folder and I had no problems displaying the parent folder.