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    hitTest trouble

    OmniFlash Level 1
      So yea I used an array of movieClips and it sounds something like this:

      public function hitTesting(tester:MovieClip){
      if (tester.hitTest(this.obsArray[0][0][0] )) {

      And it keeps returning undefined and not TRUE or FALSE
      Keep in mind I have tested the return value

      Anyone tried using MovieClips as pointers to test using hitTest instead of using the full path????


      I tried this and still got undefined:

      I got the x but my booleen stayed at undefined

      EDIT AGAIN***********************************

      Take in note everything is in a .as class
      Maybe this could give trouble

      EDIT AGAIN AGAIN***********************
      I tried using my linked movieClip like this but to no avail


      Will someone tell me if using AS classes bug it?

      EDIT AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN ****************
      It work like this:

      onClipEvent (load) {

      So basicly it means the AS class link MIGHT be KILLING all other functions

      Anyone KNOW an answer?