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    InDesign CC 2014 TOC Issue


      Forgive me in advance if this is a simple NOOB question that would be fixed with a simple checking or unchecking of a tick box somewhere.


      Being new to InDesign, I've got my document all laid out nicely and looking pretty schmick. I've even got the TOC looking how I want... mostly.


      Now, perhaps this is a design limitation, or like I said, a on/off switch, but I have set up my paragraphs in 3 levels for recognition in the TOC, and all looks good, except one header (lvl 2) starts mid-page, with a level 3 heading (leftover from the previous level 2 sequence) at the top of the page.


      Now, by rights, the level 3 heading at the top of the page should appear before the level 2 heading half way down, when the TOC is updated, but alas, the L3 heading appears under the L2 heading in the TOC.


      The question begs, am I limited to only being allowed to start a new L2 on a new page???