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    Copying one .eas file for multiple sprite sheets.


      Hi, I've been googling the web trying to find answer to a problem but haven't found a solution yet. Maybe someone here has an idea.


      I'm working on a project with Edge Animate CC where I'm creating a multitude of different animated symbols from sprite sheets. The symbols/sprites, which there are a lot of, come in sets, each with a different character wearing different colour clothes. For example, there's one of a man in a white shirt walking, and then the same man in a blue shirt, a red shirt, and so on, and then the same for several other characters. Because each version of each character is the same except for a colour change, I've been trying to create one sprite sheet from Flash CC, make colour edits to the sprite sheet in Photoshop CC, save it with a new name, then import it into Edge Animate using the same spritesheet.


      It seems straightforward enough but what I've learned is you can't use an .eas file with spritesheets other than the one it was created with in Flash. When I try it says the .eas file and the image don't match, and to check the paths for both files. When I copy the .eas file and rename it, giving it the same name as the new sprite sheet I want it to work with, I still get the same message. When I open up that .eas file in TextEdit and change the "image" filename in the "meta" section to correspond to that of the new sprite sheet, it still doesn't work. I don't see anything else within the .eas file that would tie it to any particular spritesheet, so between making that change and changing it's filename I would expect the .eas file would work the new sprite sheet.


      I know I could create sprite sheets for each colour scheme of each character through Flash, but since they are all identical other than their colour it would save me a ton of time to just copy and edit the sprite sheets. The colour changes are not something I could do within Edge Animate.


      Has anyone had similar issues? Any tips?



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          SujaiS Adobe Employee

          Hi Medley, Good to see that you are experimenting with the new SpriteSheet feature available in Animate CC 2014.


          Some points:

          • The EAS file format is currently only supported from Flash Pro CC 2014. There are some meta data tags that is read when you bring in an eas type spritesheet and therefore Animate will be able to import only the sprite sheets created from Flash Pro CC using the EAS route.
          • If you want to use spritesheets from other applications like photoshop, I would recommend that you don't enable the "load an eas file" check-box. In this case the sprite sheet PNG will be the only input that you need to specify in the Import dialog.
          • In this case you will need to have a sprite-sheet which has the individual sprites that is stacked out in order from left to right and top to bottom. You can then specify the rows and columns and the padding options in the Spritesheet import dialog in animate.


          Let me know if this works for you.



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