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    Control PowerPoint w/ Shockwave

      I am wondering if anyone knows if Director can control navigation from within PowerPoint?

      I would like to place a Shockwave file in a PPTthat can link to various slides throughout the same presentation it is in. That way, I can have an animated/interactive navigation piece, but the PPT slides can be updated/edited by anyone in the office.

      Is it possible?
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          johnAq Level 1
          When you say Shockwave do you mean web delivery? Your question reads more like a Projector delivered project. There is no way it can be done for the web, but for Projector the folowwing may help.

          You might be able to use the VBScript xtra to achieve something like your original aim, but it is likely to be an unholy marriage. You would probably have better luck running ppt in a window from within a Director shell using something like the RavWare PPTview xtra. I've done something like this in the past with adequate success.

          Obviously the most stable method is to simply use PPT's own navigation functions (ouch!!)

          You can find links to those xtras at: