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    error 604


      I got a message error 604 when I try to install ad-ons

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          fredsvott Level 1

          I didnt found any response at my problem, I have installed and open extension manager but nothing more than before !!!!

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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            you have to read and follow the steps.

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              fredsvott Level 1

              there is no step as saking on the communities. other steps ore done and didnt help at all

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                kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                i didn't understand your message 4.


                there are 7 steps at that link in message 1.  did you follow all 7?

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                  fgregor Adobe Employee

                  Hi all,


                  We are aware of an issue where -604 errors can appear when users have previously downloaded a product from Add-ons/Adobe Exchange that has now been retracted by the producer.


                  This issue should be resolved in the next 24 hours - please let us know if problems persist for longer than that.


                  Thanks for your patience,


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                    touched by jules

                    This has not been resolved for me. and to be quite honest the response from Adobe to this issue is ridiculous. ( i don't mean to denegrate the efforts of techs such as yourselves who are doing the best you can) However,

                    how can we have any faith in a software suite that promises to allow us to access our files and settings from where ever we have 'net access? Adobe has left me looking like a fool in front of a large team of devs and fellow product designers after i had mocked up complex designs using various extensions at my home workspace to then receive 604 error messages when i log in.. then to spend ( WASTE) several hours trying to communicate with Adobe with its non functioning chat window ( disconnected several times) ... i think i will need to go back to basics and use CS versions from now on.

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                      fgregor Adobe Employee

                      Hi jukehazzard,


                      Sorry to hear that the problem is not resolved for you - from inspecting the log files shared by other users we're able to see that the problem for some people is actually that their connections to the licensing server are being dropped, rather than the licensing checks failing. One possible cause would be firewall problems - either on the client side or server side. We are working on finding a resolution to this, so thanks for bearing with us.


                      Regarding your poor experience with the support chat service - I'd suggest letting Customer Care (Contact Customer Care) know about the problems you faced so that they can look to make improvements. These forums are monitored by engineers from the product teams concerned (e.g. Extension Manager, Creative Cloud Add-ons), and we are generally separate from tech support.


                      Best regards,


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                        touched by jules Level 1

                        Ahhh I had thought it something similar. Ime by-passing firewalls on the system at the office but if you want can extract a log from that computer if it would help. Won't be there for 3 more days but if you need it I'll set a reminder to fish it out. It's not only frustrating personally but professionally is significantly impacting my productive time, which in turn affects my delivery dates which in turn affects my status as an effective contractor. The irony is that the workplace has large volume Adobe licenses and indeed I'm developing UI for a system based on AEM. Of particular frustration is the inability to access the thinkstock extension as I've written several action scripts that reduce handling times to a 10th of what I have to do until the issue is resolved.


                        Sending wishes for luck, quick Adobe resource deployment and therefore a speedy and well communicated solution!



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                          fgregor Adobe Employee

                          Thank you - from logs shared by other users we are able to tell that these 'connection refused' errors are happening when trying to connect to various servers which are totally distinct from one another. This suggests that the problem is not on the servers themselves, but either in some software layer on the users' machines (perhaps firewalls) or in the service which redirects requests to the appropriate server.



                          As you can probably imagine, there are a lot of moving parts and different teams involved - hence why resolving this is taking longer than we'd like.



                          Can you tell me which OS you are running on?



                          If you are having trouble installing the ThinkStock extension, you could download and install the product using the ZXP package by following these instructions (https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1504330).



                          Best regards,



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                            touched by jules Level 1


                            ill forward this and cc to my work email and advise you of the stats


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                              shuo_yang Level 2

                              Could you please confirm whether you can access below address with your device which is suffering 604 error?


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                                fredsvott Level 1

                                the bug is still running on my mac !

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                                  fredsvott Level 1

                                  I have contacted adobe online support.
                                  The guy answers me that the support is not available for the add-ons installation but only for the suite !!!!
                                  so, F*** ADOBE SUPPORT

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                                    touched by jules Level 1

                                    this screenshot is what i got when i opened your link in chrome:

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                                      touched by jules Level 1

                                      Fraser, work computer is running running os x 10.8.4, interestingly this

                                      morning the thinkstock extension loaded after the CC desktop app

                                      notification prompted me to shut Photoshop CC first. HOWEVER - after

                                      signing into thinkstock extension panel i get an error has ocurred message

                                      please try later..



                                      On Sun, Jul 13, 2014 at 11:10 PM, julian culpan <kidkookaburra@gmail.com>

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                                        shuo_yang Level 2

                                        Hi Jukehazzard,


                                        Do you mean thinkstock is installed in Photoshop? If there is some trouble on using it, please contact the producer here:



                                        And I have a query, do you know how thinkstock does not prompt 604 error? For example, did you change your network connection?


                                        Many Thanks

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                                          shuo_yang Level 2

                                          Hi fredsvott,

                                          Sorry for the convenience. We are working on the 604 error, unfortunately, we can not reproduce this issue in our network, so we  have not found the root cause and solution yet.


                                          Are you still suffering this problem? If it is possible, please try to choose another network. If it is not help, would you let me know the result of visiting http://www.adobe.com/go/XmanConfigV2 in browser?



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                                            fredsvott Level 1



                                            I still have the problem but I have found a way to install some add-on by they're website directly and using extention mananger. But that not working for adobe site !!


                                            I can open http://www.adobe.com/go/XmanConfigV2,

                                            in my browser. witch kind of result you want ? that open a window with info of configuration and product file ! (really long)


                                            thanks for your help

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                                              touched by jules Level 1

                                              Thinkstock extension interface now  loads into the Photoshop GUI,

                                              however all interaction is met with "An unexpected error has occurred.

                                              Please try again later."