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    Flash player doesn't work -  How to get rid of Flashruntime pop-ups


      pop up tilføjelser.jpg

      I have 2 problems:


      My Flashplayer stopped working months ago, when using Internet Explorer. It does Work when using Firefox.

      I prefer using Internet Explorer.

      Now I have uninstalled Flashplayer and installed Again - same situation.

      I have also tried to install Adobe Air with no positive result.



      For some time I have had the problem of Flashruntime pop-ups continously, no matter which website I opened. I could not click it away - or admit.


      By advice from Microsoft I have reinstalled Internet Explorer. Now the Flashruntime still comes up when I open certain websites but not quite as heavy as before.

      I have blocked pop-ups. The Flashruntime does not appear on the list of add-on programs where you have the possibility of deactivating.


      Please see Picture of the pop-up (in Danish text) above.


      I hope you can suggest solutions for me


      Best regards

      Bente Michelsen