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    What is error code 603 and how does one fix it?

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      What is error code 603, please, regarding add-on installation?  (The error codes page says for "error 6xx" to contact the Exchange online forum for assistance..)  It is a "failed online license check" for an add-on that is a free add-on listed on the Adobe Add-ons page as compatible with PS CS6, CC, and CC 2014, as well as all three versions of a bunch of other apps.  It is a Flypaper app, which looks to have been reworked to be compatible with the new 2014 apps.  Since Flypaper apps come from reliable source, I'm not sure what the error means, and I'm certainly not sure how to remedy this.  (The original Russell Brown Paper Textures Pro works fine on PS CC but isn't compatible with 2014.)


      I am running Win 7 64-bit.





      p.s.  numbers of other extensions still don't download  to PS 2014, so maybe this is also waiting for an Adobe fix??