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    Win8.1 - Minor Import Problems with LR5.5?


      Need some advice please-


      Two minor problems:


      Upgraded last fall from Win 8 to Win 8.1. Could these minor issues below be related to the upgrade, and is an uninstall/re-install worth a try?


      Issue 1: First, has been discussed to death on the DPR Nikon camera forum with no resolution. During import from camera using full import window, vertical image previews are landscape oriented. However, the actual images imported into the library are always correctly oriented.

      All camera and LR settings are correct.


      Issue 2: When importing using the minimized dialog window, my own import preset is not applied. It is, however,  selected and visible in that minimized little "import module". But, when importing via the full import window, that same preset is applied correctly with no action needed on my part.


      So........is an uninstall advisable? If there have been issues with other users who upgraded from Win8 to Win8.1, I'd like to hear about it before I launch into something that maybe need not be done.


      Thanks for any information you might have...........

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          Issue #2 answered by me: In the Develop Module, open User Presets,  right click on the desired preset, and select something similar to "Use on Import". Can't quite remember the exact phrase, but it's very evident when one sees it. I now have my personal develop preset being applied during import when using the minimized import window.