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    Text Color changes back to White... no matter what ;~;




      As you can see from my carefully placed red boxes, I have my background and foreground set to Black. I also have my text color set to black.
      But when I click to type, and the cursor appears, the text color changes to white. I have searched for help, to no avail.


      I've restarted my computer, and PS. Mode is set to RBG Color, not that it matters in this case. No group or layer styles. No styles what-so-ever, actually. I'm running out of things to try. ;~; This just happened all of a sudden. I'm thinking maybe something was accidentally pushed on my keyboard... Who knows. 
      I'm sure it's something simple that I'm overlooking... Or at least I'm hoping it's something simple.


      I have plenty of work to get done, and obviously this is slowing me down.


      Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks~!