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    Lightroom 5.5 Performance is absolutely Unacceptable on OS X Mavericks !!!

    AtonMusic Level 2

      Hi -


      I can officially no longer work in Lightroom.

      I never had problems before on my rMBP with 1GB Graphics and SSD


      After this update everything is going wrong !


      1) Just launching LR 5.5 will make the fans spin @ Maximum (No library open)

      After quitting it will take 5 minutes for the fans to return to normal.... 5 MINUTES


      2) Working with several displays is now impossible. LR is totally confused about which display is main and which is secondary.

      I open a library and click on one image - which randomly will display in display No. 2. Sometimes the main display will take 2 minutes to update to the same image as being

      displayed in the secondary display. Making adjustments will immediately reflect in main display but take minutes to reflect in secondary.


      3) LR cannot remember it own window state when being relaunched.

      When using a secondary display which is set to display, after quitting LR, when relaunched LR will be highly confused which is the secondary display and which is the main.

      This is totally erratic.


      This whole CC 2014 has been the single worst update experience I have EVER had to deal with. It seems to me that adobe's progressive update program has severely compromised its renowned quality standards.


      I have tried to reinstall Lr 5.5, delete and reinstall Cuda, delete all preferences etc etc etc etc... no change.

      LR 5.5 is performing so poorly that one cannot use it anymore !


      If anyone has an idea to what on earth is going on here, I sure would like to hear about it !