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    I can't register my Illustrator CS6. Please help.


      I purchased Illustrator CS6 from Best Buy and had some trouble installing it the first time due to the serial number not being in the box, I had to sign up for creative cloud and download something. After I finally managed to install it, I put the disc back in the box and put it away until yesterday. I can install the program on my second laptop, but I cannot find the serial number with the options the installer gives. The serial number did not come on the box, although I purchased the program in its sealed box.. When I tried to install it the first time, the computer wanted me to download Illustrator from the creative cloud, but I think I did it from the CD since I had just paid such a high price for the program I at least wanted was to put that 600 dollar cd in my drive and make it happen. The serial number it asks for is 24 characters long. When I look at the serial number under the "help" tab in the program, the serial number it has under product info is only 18 characters long. When I sign in to my adobe account, I do not see my Illustrator in the My Apps section or whatever its called. I have it on one laptop, I have it registered on that same one, but when I try to install it on this one and sign in with my adobe ID it still will not recognize my info. Please help. This is the second computer my license is being installed on, I know it can be active on two units at once. I've tried almost everything already.