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    Bandwidth Profiler/Simulate Download deprecated in CC ? lame

    retropunk Level 1

      I've been using CS6 because the Object Level Undo was deprecated in CC. Now its back in CC 2014...thanks

      I just noticed that the Bandwidth Profiler/Simulate Download/Download Settings - Options are deprecated as well.

      Really? This was necessary? These tools are quite useful and don't function the same way in Scout at all.

      I was building a timeline banner recently and noticed it was gone.


      I build all sorts of things with Flash (banners, desktop apps, iOS/Android) and when I need to do timeline animation and check my frames K size quickly, these options are awesome and handy.

      Especially the Download Settings. I use Scout for my larger more demanding applications, debugging and optimizing. Plus Scout doesn't allow you to what the bandwidth profiler settings do. Firing up Scout to check where the data peaks are for a 15 sec banner is overkill to me. Especially when the Bandwidth Profiler did its job just fine. Especially being able to go frame by frame. Its not the same at all.


      I don't know where you get your info from but removing stuff like that seems like a odd choice. These options have been in Flash as far back as I can remember. Maybe 10 years at least.


      How about allowing it to be added as an extension to Flash? Release the code in MXP/ZXP format? Then you can keep the same CC 2014 core build and let people add what they need.

      I'm sure there are lots of people that feel the same way about some of the other deprecated options.

      Is this an option?


      For now I will use Flash CS6 and Flash CC for different things.

      I love Flash but you guys really know how to annoy me.