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    Are there Creative Cloud alternatives?

    Creative Cue Level 1

      We are thinking about dropping Adobe because of the subscription based pricing and I'm hoping the Creative Suite is continuing as a less-advertised option.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't know about continuing, but the latest Creative Suites are still currently a less advertised option...


          Purchase CS6 products:

          http://www.adobe.com/products/catalog/cs6._sl_id-contentfilter_sl_catalog_sl_software_sl_c reativesuite6.html

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            John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            As Ned says, perpetually licensed Creative Suite 6 is still available for sale from Adobe for the time being. For how long, no-one but Adobe knows.


            Just bear in mind that no future development work is being done on CS6 so there will be no further updates other than, perhaps, the occasional security fix.


            Also file compatibility between CS6 and newer versions is not guaranteed which may affect you if you're collaborating with others.

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              Creative Cue Level 1

              I figured as much, I don't understand why Adobe doesn't realize that more people would buy their Pro software (for home use) if they priced their suites around $500 retail.  it seems people are in 3 groups: (1) rely on company/friends' licenses; (2) torrent illegally; (3) Gimp/Free/Cheaper alternative.


              Microsoft had the same problem with overcharging Windows. When they re-strategize Windows 7 they saw max profits. My suspicion is that Adobe would make so much more.


              I Hope they also realize there are people like me and my crew that would love to support them but that we hate the premise of subscription-based software, especially software we may use to make money but that we don't own.

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                Creative Cue Level 1

                Thanks for this. This is very helpful.

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                  John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I think Adobe is keenly aware of the "subscription haters" but it is betting the house on the success of the Cloud.


                  So far, for better or worse, the strategy seems to be paying off given the exponential growth of Cloud membership numbers.


                  What happens when membership hits critical mass and all those who like subscriptions have already subscribed. When all that's left are the skeptical and the anti-subscribers. It's the phase after that where my interest lies. Is permanent growth in Cloud membership numbers feasible?

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                    Creative Cue Level 1

                    I imagine it has done well. Adobe has done some price restructuring, which confirms what I was talking about. People now have a lower barrier to entry to use applications, which they could only obtain illegally or through other methods than personal ownership (@ $10-50/mo).


                    As Steve Jobs mentioned about iTunes and the mp3 torrenters, the majority of people want to do the right thing, but don't want to be taken advantage of to do so.


                    The the issue here is that people are now paying for something, which they don't own nor have control of. I would love to pay the CC monthly fee if it meant I had full ownership in 2 years, especially if I could pay that up front.


                    But honestly, there are times I go on vacation or get involved in other aspects of a project that I might go 3 months without using a computer, then I might have to use it for 5 months. To have to keep enabling/disabling a subscription would upset me (though it says you need a year commitment). It's also a pain from an accounting standpoint, and I'm not entirely sure how CC operates (if you always need to be connected to the internet) but there are times I work remotely, off the grid.


                    It seems my frustrations have led me to a rant, which I will end on one point. An operating system is much more necessary to getting work accomplished than Adobe's graphical-editing software and yet, Adobe seems to think users are willing to pay 10-15x what Windows costs.  It's understandable and people will certainly pay for it, but many many people would purchase their software just to have and use infrequently (not for professional use) - this is where they are missing their mark. Just like when they tried to offer two versions of Photoshop (sigh). They have bright engineers and ignorant business strategy.

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