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    Multiple monitor UI bugs in CC 2014/Mavericks

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      I have two new bugs that I'm seeing since the 2014 update.  I'm running 10.9.4, and use two monitors, one for my images, and another for all of my palettes (less, of course, my beloved custom panel created in the now deprecated Configurator).


      When I click on a layer and try to adjust it's opacity, the slider to adjust opacity appears in the appropriate place . . . but on the wrong monitor.  It looks like it is placing it exactly under the entry box, but is confused as to which monitor the entry box and it's corresponding layers palette is displayed on.  It still functions correctly, as do the arrow keys in the entry box, but it is a little disconcerting.  This did not happen with CC 2013 (sic).


      The other one is just a weird quirk, that every time I save, a handful of my palettes seem to quiver while the save is happening.  It is always the history palette, and usually a few others.  Also a new behavior.