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    Reader Installation Problems on Mac OS X 10.9.3


      Tried downloading installer program from Adobe - Install Adobe Reader. Installer program downloaded correctly. Double clicked on installer app in Finder. Installer app started. Double-clicked Install Adobe Reader. Authenticated. The Adobe Reader Updater Preferences dialog box appeared. Clicked Next. The progress bar indicated that the downloading succeeded. When the installer phase began, it immediately gave an error message (Failed to launch application).


      Safari opened with a screen saying Adobe Reader did not install successfully. Followed the Can't download link, but this wasn't the problem (the app did download, just didn't install). We tried downloading again as the page suggested and encountered the same error. Then we tried Troubleshoot Adobe Reader Installation (Troubleshoot Adobe Reader installation | Mac OS). We tried all the options including downloading from a different link. All efforts have failed to install.


      Please help.