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    Epson 3800 margins not printing properly

    Dan NV Level 1

      Haven't printed for awhile but have run into a problem with the margins printing incorrectly for an Epson 3800 on Mac OS X 10.9.3


      Epson 3800 Driver Ver 9.22


      Preset in LR 5.5

      Page setup -

           Printer selected is Epson 3800

           Paper size - custom 13 x 19 with non printable area set at 0 for all borders


      Print settings

           Printer selected is Epson 3800

           All printer settings as I want - manual rear

           Ultra premium photo luster

           Superfine 1440 dpi

           High speed


      LR 5.5 options on right hand side of print screen

           Rotate to fit

           Margins all at .5 in

           Cell size = 18 x 12


      The image window in the print dialog shows the image starting at .5" from each edge which is what I want


      When I print though the image margins on the short edge are ok bit on the long edge they start at .625".


      Am totally baffled.  As usual I imagine I am doing something very dumb. Your help would be greatly appreciated.



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          Dan NV Level 1

          Maybe if I rephrase the question I will get some  ideas.


          The LR5.5 print module shows the image to print as 12 x 17.926 in at 216 pip.  When I print the image and measure it the measurements are only 17 ⅝ x 11 ¾ in.


          A couple of LR setting changes from my original post all margins now .13 in and page setup shows 0 in.


          Also, I reset all of the settings in LR print and added a new preset.  Also, deleted preferences file for LR and redid that.


          Any ideas as to why this this happening?