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    Multiple monitors - wrong color profile

    Ionescu Niculae

      On win7  i have a problem with color profile. there are 2 monitors: Dell 2410 right and eizo L997 left. i open up photoshop and i have navigator window fullscreen on Eizo and main program window on Dell. I open a photo and on dell it is washed out. on eizo is ok. both monitors are calibrated and mozilla, acdsee and windows viewer show identic pictures so no problems there. Somehow it seems photoshop is using the same color profile it used for the eizo to display images on Dell. They are on different video cards. if I drag the photo window half over the both monitos, the part that is on eizo is ok but the one on dell is not. if i drag it completly on the eizo the picture is ok. Does Phtoshop uses one single color profile on all it's windows, no matter on how many monitors are they dragged to ? I have seen this asked again but not a answer to it. Proof is of and photoshop is set to srgb. if i set it to monitor RGB, then dell is ok but then eizo is red oversaturated thus being normal redering with oversatt reds on wide garnut display if monitor rgb is used, no ? So, how cand I fix this and make both images look ok ? thank you

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          Cozmicone Level 4

          You would be correct about Photoshop using the profile of only one monitor. Even when you have a single monitor, images can have a color cast when open in Photoshop due to how Photoshop handles color. It's not that Photoshop is wrong, it's just how the color settings are configured.


          The first thing you have going against you is that you're using two monitors made by different companies. Even if they were made by the same company, the chances of getting two monitors to exactly match each other aren't great. So, when you color calibrate them you're calibrating them based on where their current color settings are. If the color settings aren't similar to begin with, such as one monitor is displaying more reds and the other more greens, then your calibrating how the video card handles color sent to the monitors. When Photoshop launches it uses the color profile of one monitor, so when you move a panel from the monitor that Photoshop is using the calibration of, the image is going to look wrong on the other monitor because Photoshop is displaying the image how it was told to show it, thus the image doesn't look correct on the other monitor.


          The only way you're going to get the monitors closer in appearance is to purge the current calibration and manually get the two monitors to be somewhat similar in appearance using the monitor's color settings. Then when you do a proper calibration you'll get a closer match when using Photoshop and move the images between the two monitors.

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            D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            This is not correct. Photoshop has full multi-display support and uses the profile associated with the display the image is up on (irrespective of where the application frame is). The OS is making the profiles available, and Photoshop loads the profiles at startup.


            If the profile is not correct for one of two displays, it is either an OS problem, or the calibrator does not support a multi-monitor setup. Some calibrators give the same internal name to all profiles, always overwriting the previous one.


            But using two video cards is not a good idea, and unnecessary. Connect both displays to the same card.

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              Ionescu Niculae Level 1

              you are absolutly right. the eizo, uncallibrated had a powerfull red cast, and dell has a slight blue one. i suspect it uses eizoz profile (which obviously compensates heavy by cutting reds) thus resulting in a red desaturated image. i am also suspecting a behavior: If I look in HELP - sistem info i see the small card (Gigabyte silent pipe II) listed as the 1st card and the gtx 470 listed as the second card. I suspect this to have happened when i pulled the gtx 470 to clean it from dust and started sistem with only the small card inside. it then moved it to the first position. then when i reinserted gtx 470 it sinply added it as number 2 card. I believe that Photoshop either by default it only uses the profile associated with 1st card, or sometimes a bug appears and it blocks on that profile as I see adobe claims any image should be displayed corectly regardless of the frame position. But a lot of people seem to have my problem so i suspect a bug, a glitch, a wrong combination of cards or drivers. maybe the cards should be same generation. i use a small cheap second card as i see that if i open flickr on second monitor, eizo (connected to the small card) and open up Gpuz to check video memory load, the small card never loads in excess of 70-90 mb but the gtx loads 400-500mb when multiple pages are opened in the same browser, so i concluded that the second cartd is never actually used and the sistem uses first video card to process all data being displayed on all monitors, whick is starange. i actually have 2 eizos left and right of the Dell (whick is connectd to the gtx 470), both connected to the small card but i said only one earlier to make things simple. reason: i suspect that having different monitors on same card isnt ok so since the 2 eizos are identical they use same profile so i put them on same card.

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                Ionescu Niculae Level 1

                @ twenty-one. profiling was done ofcourse with multi display capable i1display pro which generated 2 profiles, that i named acoordind to coresponding monitor. There are actually 2 identical eizos left and right of the center dell. eizos connected to a small passive card as they are used to display only the full screen navigator window (LEFT) and tools (right). so the center Dell is connected to the gtx 470. just tested eizos on the ghx and they work fine so problem is not dual vid cards. I have just reinstalled OS and will came back with info

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                  twenty_one wrote:


                  ... Photoshop has full multi-display support and uses the profile associated with the display the image is up on...

                  That is exactly the info I'm looking for, but does anyone know where Adobe mentions this feature in regular documentation?