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    I need serious Button HELP


      I would like to be able to make buttons that allow for me to click and change the content that is on the particular page.  The content on that page would change but not the page itself.  I would be able to click on one of these buttons and see a different graphic or content group.  HOW CAN I DO THIS?????

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I think what you're trying to create is called "show hide fields." Try a Google or Bing search on "Indesign show hide fields tutorial" to learn about how to do this.

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            Charsham Level 1

            I will give that a try


            thank you so much for responding so rapidly!!

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              rajsre Adobe Employee

              Show/hide will work if all items you want to control are buttons. That may not be the case always .If you are targeting DPS overlays and need a different method, please try the following:


              1. Place all the items you want to show on same page (overlap them or align them to any location on the page)

              2. Select all the items, go to Object States panel and click on "Convert selections to multi-state object" (observe the hierarchy of states.. you can reorder them and rename if you want)

              3. Create buttons and select the button you want to assign, and in buttons panel click Actions +, and select "Go To State"

              4. In the buttons panel: Select Object > the name of multi-state object you created, and select State > select the state name you want to show by this button

              5. Select the next button and assign the action (in this case the next state of the object you want to show, by same steps as done above)

              6. Preview to confirm if the action assignments are correct by the clicking on the Preview button at the bottom of the panel