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    Table of figures


      I want to make table of figures and maps. inside my documents I have chosen in my caption styles Description mode, now when I want to insert table of figures , they will come with all those descriptions ( that sometimes have so many words), but I want to import them by the name of images or maps. is there any way to solve it except changing the caption style?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Tables of contents (and a Table of Figures is a TOC) always use the entire text, up to the character limit, of any paragraph that uses a style to be included in the TOC. If you want only the name, you must have a paragraph that consists of only the name.

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            In such cases I have a paragraph with only that text. This paragraph style has at the end no font color, so it is not visible in the print or in the resulting PDF. During work I change it to some very visible color.

            Other workaround is to use cross references. You can build up TOC like pages with reference to a chapter but write a different text than the headline has but with automatic number.