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    How do I merge two copies of the same catalog?


      I was headed overseas for an extended assignment, and I needed to bring a good portion of of my current catalog with me to continue working on things while I was abroad.  Now that I am home, I need to find a way to merge the two catalogs together.  I tried doing an import from the mobile catalog into the office once, but that simply didn't work.  New images were brought in, but changes to images already in the catalog were not updated.  I changed a good portion of the images on the portable drive, and there was just too much data to do a complete copy.  Can this be done, and if so, how?  I'm running LR 5.5 on a 2014 iMac, LaCie 1 TB portable Thunderbolt drive (mobile catalog) 10 TB LaCie Big Drive (Office Drive).  Thanks for the assistance!