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    Is there any way to enable editing when embedded in a browser?

    Chaos Crafter

      When I embed Acrobat Pro in the browser it seems to run in a limited mode that prevents most document editing.  It works fine when I access the document directly.

      Is there any way I can enable full editing in Acrobat pro when it is browser-embedded?


      Here's how it looks normally (excuse my choice of pdf)


      When embedded it loses its menus, it loses the Tools link in the top right, and most items in the Comment functions.

      It doubtless looses a lot more too.


      My preference would be to have a simple (browser-side) call I could make to re-enable all these functions.

      Note, I cannot add javascript to the pdfs.  I can only act in the browser.

      I'm starting to suspect I'll have to write a plugin, but I'd really rather avoid doing that if I can.  It's been years since I've had to seriously develop in C++, and one glance at it reminds me the headache it can be.


      For reference, browser embedded is key to my architecture, as the document will be being presented with a lot of ancillary information around it, and will need to save to a web-site, not to locally.

      (If anyone has any experience with writing a save-back-to-a-website script I'd love to know how that can be done too.)