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    Contribute 3 (mac) can't browse to image files

      Every time I try to insert an image, I get the error message "The file you selected was not found". I really don't understand how I can browse to the file, but Contribute doesn't recognize it. I see the entire path to the file, with the actual file greyed out in the URL space. Any help appreciated, this is driving me nuts.

      Sally in MInnesota
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          SallyMN Level 1
          I think I just figured out the answer to my own question. It seems that if the path to the pic is too long, the file *is not found*. If I put the pix I want to include into the page on my desktop, it finds the file just fine. This is a bit ridiculous, as my original path to the photo was just through my user/pictures/file/filename.

          Sally in Minnesota