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    Cant sign documents digitally although did all required procedures




      I am using adobe acrobat 11 in trial version and all the extended reader functions are enabled. I have also added the certificate in trusted certificates list in both adobe acrobat and windows certificate stotre. I want sign the certificate in two signature fields. Whenever I click signature field the program doesn't respond and at the same time none 'work with certificate' options are enabled for use.


      I need to fill the form for government purposes in india. need help desperately.


      Thank you,

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          IsakTen Level 4

          1. You're using wrong terminology. You do not sign a certificate. You sign a document using a certificate with private key. Signature field is a placeholder for the signature.

          2. Do you have a certificate with a private key? If you do how have you procured it? Have you gotten it from a Certificate Authority or have you created a self-signed certificate? In either case you need to add your certificate to Digital IDs.In Acrobat XI it is in Edit->Preferences->Signatures->Identities and Trusted Certificates->More->Digital IDs. You can also add a Digital ID from the "Sign" dialog.

          3. If you procured your certificate from a Certificate Authority you need to add the Certificate Authority's root to Trusted Identities. If you created a self-signed certificate you need to add it itself to Trusted Identities.

          4. If you want to use Windows Certificate Store, check if "Windows Integration" is enabled in Edit->Preferences->Signatures->Verification->More.