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    FB 4.7 app won't compile

    Nexie Level 1

      I recently overlayed the AIR 4.0 SDK on FB 4.7 and updated the playerglobal.swc file tp the 12.0 version.  I did not uninstall/reinstall the AIR runtime (don't think that makes a difference).  I also updated the ns on my -app.xml file to 4.0


      When I try to compile the app and debug, I get this Launch error:



      Process terminated unexpectedly.

      error while loading initial content


      Launch command details:  "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 (64 Bit)\sdks\4.6.0\bin\adl.exe" -runtime "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 (64 Bit)\sdks\4.6.0\runtimes\air\win" -profile mobileDevice -screensize 540x922:540x960 -XscreenDPI 275 -XversionPlatform AND "C:\Users\Mark\Desktop\Flash builder test\DistrictVoice2\bin-debug\DistrictVoice2-app.xml" "C:\Users\Mark\Desktop\Flash builder test\DistrictVoice2\bin-debug"


      Anything I may have missed in the SDK overlay process?